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A collaborative, global approach by Science and Industry marks CORFO’s summit on Technology Transfer

Published: noviembre 7 , 2012
The event “Chile: Science, Technology and Business”, held this week in Santiago, had the goal of encouraging the globalization of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives developed in Chile.
A collaborative, global approach by Science and Industry marks CORFO’s summit on Technology TransferBefore 200 attendees, authorities of CORFO’s InnovaChile, the Foundation for Innovation in Agriculture (FIA), the National Insitute of Industrial Intellectual Property (Inapi” and the Chilean National Commission on Research in Science and Technology (“Conicyt”) highlighted the importance for both science and industry of joining forces to bring the knowledge generated in Chile to market.

“We have very good R&D production in Chile, with high-quality scientists and researchers. What we still need to promote more is for the discoveries from this research to be transformed into disruptive initiatives, new technologies and new businesses with a more globalized vision. The common goal is to make Chile a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship,” declared Conrad Von Igel, Executive Director of CORFO’s InnovaChile.

In this line, the president of Conicyt, José Miguel Aguilera, said that it is a priority for the Commission to internationalize the research findings from universities and R&D centers: “One of the central themes of Conicyt’s work is helping Chilean science to globalize and integrate with global R&D networks. For this purpose, we have signed agreements with a variety of foreign entities that value the high quality of the research that Chile consistently produces,” says Aguilera.

Meanwhile, the executive director of FIA, Fernando Bas, pointed out that effectively transferring research and development results to the marketplace is a fundamental component for the country’s National Innovation System: “We have focused our efforts on improving aspects crucial to knowledge transfer such as institutional policies on intellectual property, management of intellectual property and contract models for technology transfer, among other issues,” says Bas.

The event includes expert panels dealing with topics such as Nanotechnology and Technology Consortiums, and keynote speakers from all over the world will present on topics related to technology transfer. The event will conclude in the afternoon with workshops and business matchmaking rounds.